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January 13th, 2014

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Updated 5/1/14 JT

FICM Guy FICM Exchange Program

November 8th, 2011


Shop Number 303-287-4011

We now offer FICM Exchange. Fast turn round, same day shipping
or local pickup. ( Fuel Injection Control Module )

LOOKS like the injectors failed. Actually, it’s the FICM


Some  Dealers and Independent  Shops will try to sell injectors from the codes shown in this picture

(click on image to enlarge)

Though the codes suggest the injectors are bad, it is actually a problem with the FICM (Fuel Injection Control Module).  The solder joints are the problem, something we know how to repair.

DON’T BE FOOLED; Get a second opinion!

I was baffled at the amount of vehicle’s coming in my shop with this code.  Most customers had taken their vehicles to a dealership and been told they needed all or most injectors and a new FICM.  Most estimates were over four THOUSAND dollars (Yes, $4,000)!

Most of the time, we can repair your FICM for a small fraction of that

  • Customer Comment:

Hi Rob,

I finally had a chance to install the rebuilt FICM and fuse you sent.  Man everything works fabulous.  My Excursion runs like new and it is even quiet on cooler mornings.  You are awesome man.

Do I need to complete anything to activate the warranty?

Can I return the original FICM in the same box?  Do I need to get an RMA to return the core for my refund?

How can I leave a review?  Your service was second to none.  



Call: 303-287-4011

We  recommend that you MEASURE your FICM voltage (either by diagnostic scan tool, or by removing the access cover on the top of the FICM) prior to purchase, to ensure that your FICM is actually failing & contributing to poor engine performance.

Our 48v FICM units come pre-programmed with the factory Ford programming. (Some are updated) These units are fully tested (on a test bench, actually sending signals to 8 fuel injectors), with a 30 amp load, and are ready to install & drive away. No reprogramming by Ford is required!!! Though we do offer custom “flashed” FICM units for an additional fee.

 Always best to call ahead, I operate a  small shop and sometimes have to leave for a parts run, and I can give you the best directions.


Fleet Service’s and Special Pricing for Large Fleet Accounts.



COOLING SYSTEMS                             (Spectre writer)

One of the most important systems in any combustion engine is the cooling system. Without it, your car’s power plant won’t last more than a few minutes. The ignited fuel is burning at several hundred degrees. The cooling system takes that down to a manageable 180 degrees, and provides the car with heat and defrosting abilities as well. Moreover, the coolant is involved in cooling the automatic transmission down, as the same radiator that cools your engine is also cooling off your transmission fluid.  It even assists (indirectly) in cooling down your car’s air conditioning system!



Close-up of radiator tubes and fins – air flowing through them dissipates the heat in the anti-freeze.

As important as it is, it remains the system most often abused and ignored. It’s no exaggeration that regular maintenance of your cooling and lubrication systems can give your automobile hundreds of thousands of “extra” miles and years of life. Conversely, not maintaining it can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and steal years of life from you. In this article, we’ll look at the major components, how they work, and how to maintain them properly.


sludged radiator

Inside a radiator, this sludge is building up


FICM Repair

October 17th, 2011

This is the culprit, your truck’s FICM (Fuel Injection Control Module).

Before Rebuild

After Rebuild

REBUILT FICM just $225.00

6 month warranty, with rebuildable 4-pin core

Your FICM (Fuel Injection Control Module) has been slowly driving you mad, trying to figure out why the truck just won’t run. Finally, you get it diagnosed, and they want a small fortune to replace it!

That’s where we come in. We can repair your FICM for a fraction of the cost of buying a new or rebuilt module. Bring your truck in for a Free Scan or  Send  us the FICM, we fix it and send it back.  It’s just that simple.

Domestic Shipping

USPS Priority Mail return of your unit is free!

USPS Express Mail (the postal service’s version of overnight) is available for an additional $35

UPS and Fedex also available


FICM Voltage Test:

FICM Output Voltage Monitoring

After this shotgun approach to upgrading the FICM, I wanted to monitor the FICM output voltage

without having to remove the cover.  I decided to install a cheap little panel volt meter in the cab

(Velleman SA Part #: PMLCDL).  It includes a manual for attachment instructions.

Please note this is dangerous to bring the FICM output voltage into the cab.  The voltage and current

capabilities of the FICM are certainly enough to kill someone.  Make sure you properly build your cable

with enough insulation and heat shrink to avoid accidently shorting (FICM damage) or electrocution

(bodily damage).  Also, I highly recommend installing a small fuse inline, just in case (in the mA range).

Here are some photos for reference

FICM Voltage

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